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Calculation Process
Once you have exported permissions place all your files inside a folder called "ExportData" in the same root of the calculation tool.

Launch the tool and wait for the end of calculation.

The tool support resume after some checkpoint located after the data mapping completion or after the cleanup. Checkpoint will be visible (apart from the console) if Permissionscleanup.csv file or Permissionsaftermapping.csv file are created inside the folder.

The tool also support a cleanup mode. This is useful if you realize that you missed something in the blacklist. Just update the blacklist.csv file and run the tool with cleanup argument (example, Calculate.exe clenup). This is possible only if Permissions_aftermapping.csv file exist in the folder. This procedure will cleanup the data and that you'll be able to re-run the tool that will resume the execution with the new data.

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